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About the site

Each of us in everyday life is constantly to deal with ads of all kinds, through which he tries to buy, sell, find or arrange. As a rule, we search and place ads in our native language. However, someone may be interested in ads from (or for) foreign colleagues, for example, to organize a joint business, search or offer any services, tourism, or just to get acquainted.

dr-Inserat.com is an ad site, an noticeboard, that allows you to find a partner in cross-cutting interests not depending on the location and language barrier. Here you can find and place ads in different languages, both from English-speaking site visitors and from foreign, from individuals and companies.

How does it work? Very easily. The website is designed so logically and intuitively clearly that you can start without preliminary preparation. If you still have questions, you can find the answers under "Help".

We provide ad placement services for free*. At the same time, it is necessary to follow certain rules that are described in the section "Terms of the User Agreement".

We wish you luck and fulfillment!