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How to publish an ad

The forms for the advertisement can be called up by clicking on "place an ad" in the main menu or in the "main office".

First of all, choose the language for the ad. The ad should be written in the language in which it is expected to find a partner. For example, to find a foreign partner, you should publish the ad in his native language. If the ad is intended for country people, it should be written in native language.

If you would like to publish your advertisement in foreign language, which you do not speak, please write first in your native language, then select the desired language. Your ad will be automatically translated into your chosen language using the Yandex service.

You can add up to 6 photos of the format: jpeg, png or gif. The size of each should not exceed 4 MB.

The form is provided with a prompt in the form of a question mark (?).