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Author: Ambreen Pakistan, Punjab, Rāwalpindi★ Add to Favorites
Ad #: 5781, is published on 08.02.2019 at 09:48

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School Information System ( SIS )

School Information System (SIS) software is the leading web-based student information management solution for educational institutions including private schools and independent schools. Streamline your school operations with an integrated online solution which connects your entire community.

Support Different Branches
* Different interface of Admin user Vs Teachers
* Support Multiple Terms / Semesters in one session
* Support multiple Section with Single Class

Flexible with Different academic groups (Medical Group/Engineering Group) etc

* Support multiple Shifts (Morning Shift / Evening Shift)
* Role based user (Admin/Teacher/Staff) each user have different Interface.
* Attach Student scanned documents with profile.
* Easy searching

Flexible Session management

* Create Class teachers for every session
* Support different academic groups in single section
* Assign Subject teaches to any specific subject in any class and section.
* Assign Period / week to subject teachers

Flexible Examination / Class Test System

* Create Exam for complete School or any specific class
* Create Exam for even single Subject.
* Assign Invigilator for Exam
* Support to assign Marking Teacher rather than subject teacher.
* Support Number marking as well as Grade Marking

Flexible Fees System

* Create multiple Fees templates for different classes or Groups(Bank vouchers OR Cash vouchers).
* Create Fees Schedules as your requirement (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)
* Create Discounts with fix amount OR percentage
* Create Fine list as per your need
* Create your own Fees list
* Support Surcharge on Overdue payments
* Receive fees through Bank OR Cash
* Support both receive types at a time.


Please Contact for further Info @ 0512303311
Or visit our website: www.softwarebasesolutions.com/school-information-system/

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