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Ethanol bottled 1 lit and trucks 30 tons

Author: Mihail Кишинев★ Add to Favorites
Ad #: 249, is published on 03.11.2017 at 10:41

Technical details, equipment, spare Parts 

Category:Technical details, equipment, spare Parts

Hello, my name is Mihail I am a representative Zernoff, we are a manufacturer company of ethanol, and it means that we have the best prices and the highest quality of our products.

ZERNOFF is one of the biggest grain processing plant in Moldova with a yearly consumption of more than 100 000 tons. A part of this quantity comes from our own fields, located here in Moldova.
By owning our fields, we can ensure the best quality from raw material selection to final product.
We use only local raised, non-GMO grains, thus contributing to the development of our local economy and stimulating the development of our farmers
Our on-site laboratory is working 24/7 to ensure the top quality of all our
products every step of production.
Our laboratory is certified according to the latest international standards,
including organoleptic and chemical analysis.
After the production process is completed, the final product returns to laboratory
for the final analysis. Here, we ensure the quality check of every batch that we
produce and guarantee the same quality for every lot that leaves our plant.

Our newly modernized distillery was designed and built by renowned European manufacturers.
Its unique design consists of 6 columns, including 3 separate columns for extraction of fusel oil, esters and methanol, which sets us apart from other distilleries.
Our distillery allows us to offer a wide range of product types, according to our customer’s necessities.
The price for your region is 1.5 Euro per 1 litr(one bottle) including transportation and guarantee letter (T1).
Price with your transport will be 0.555 euros per 1 litr
minimal order 1 truck = 30 tons
If you need a smaller volume of ethanol, then we can do the recalculat
Price with our transportation depending from your adress

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